Web 3 Consulting

Sensei Studios will provide consulting to technology companies making their move to web 3. Our Sacred Swords are the key to access pre-sales and whitelists of projects launching through Sensei Labs.

Solana Software Services

Sensei Studios provides tools to the Solana ecosystem that increase transparency and safety between teams and communities. Specific tools are outlined below.

Art and Graphics Studio

Sensei Studios has a privileged position with access to art and brand professionals that will be available for projects looking to upgrade or create art from scratch.

Solana Software As A Service

Treasury Manager

Categorizable Transactions

Teams will be able to categorize and add notes on transactions happening in their treasury wallet. This will mark expenses in categories such as marketing, staff payment, development, etc. Serving as a financial statement or balance sheet.

Balances and NFTs

A section of the manager will show the balances in SOL, SPL tokens, and NFTs while also converting it to its USD value. Giving the community a better understanding of their financial health.

Multi-Sig Protocol

An optional smart-vault using a multi-sig protocol is available for teams that want to open up the management of their treasury to multiple users. This can be useful for large teams or opening up space for collaboration with DAO board members.

Mint Pledging

Users will be able to pledge SOL or other SPL tokens in return of being guaranteed a future mint. Users receive a token as proof of pledge that can be used for a refund in the future. The team won't have access to the funds until after a specified date through a smart contract time lock.

Crowd Investments

Users can contribute SOL or USDC to an investment pool escrowed by a smart vault where elected members or DAO voters can make investment decisions. A token is given as a form of "proof-of-contribution", which value is derived from the total amount in circulation divided by the pool's value.

IDO Services

Teams interested in funding rounds through an IDO will be able to use our tech for a fee. Using a smart vault and a "proof-of-contribution" token, investors can then trade their token for the official ICO token relative to the total amount of contribution and giving the ICO token an official price.

Solana Software As A Service

Smart Vaults

Zaru Sensei

Art & Brand

Professional digital artist with a degree in character development and years of experience as a brand director. Found his interest for crypto through art and aspires to sumerge users in his lore-driven art.

Hercules Sensei

Founder & PRODUCT

Entrepreneur, founded a business process consulting agency for private-equity firms managing their data systems, underwriting protocols, and lead generation campaigns. Crypto class of ’17 and passionate about the future of FinTech through Web 3.0. 

BJJ Purple Belt and MMA Enjoyer.

Kimura Sensei


Years of experience as a project manager working for a leading digital marketing agency and managing millions of dollars in monthly campaign spends. Experience in business development in the banking and digital security space.